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How to delete products from your import list

To delete products from your import list, access the Bdroppy dashboard.

Then click on your import list in the menu on the left.

First, check that the Import all products button in your list settings is deactivated. 

This step is essential for the correct deletion of products.

Then return to your list. To remove one or a few selected products, simply click on the square to the left of each product and then click on remove products

To proceed with the massive removal of all the products in the list, simply click on the square on the left above the list of products to select them all and proceed with the removal.

Attention: Once you have deleted the products or made a selection of them, do not re-enable the import all products option, otherwise, all the products you have just deleted will be imported again.

The import all products function should only be activated if you wish to have all Bdroppy products on your list.

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